Board of Directors

Jeff Tracy

Jeff is passionate about sharing resources with families in crisis He joined the Rising Village board to help raise awareness about the needs in the village, and encourage others to share resources to meet those needs. Jeff is an attorney with Phillips 66 in Bartlesville, Okla. He and his wife, Stacey have three children, Eli, Isabel and Zeke. 

Martha Blackburn

Martha joined the Rising Village board because she believes in giving women a hand-up so they can go do great things in the world. She is an attorney with Lyons & Clark in Tulsa and in her free time enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren.

Eric Costanzo

Eric has worked on behalf of those trapped in the margins - homeless, refugees and under-resourced. He is Senior Pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church, and the author of Harbor for the Poor, published by Wipf and Stock. Eric and his wife, Rebecca, have four children, Adin, Noah, Abigail, and Kynzleigh.

Kent Gooch, Jr.

Kent loves the challenge of helping apprentices and small business owners. He and his wife, Laken, started their own business, Lick Your Lips Mini-Donuts, in Tulsa in 2013. He gained a love for travel and a curiosity about the world during his senior year of college when he participated in Semester at Sea. He and his wife, Laken, have two children, Stapleton and Larken.

Chris Shasteen

Chris has a heart for women around the globe as well as orphaned children. She joined the Rising Village board to raise awareness and funds in the U.S. to help families in lower-income countries stay together. She is the marketing manager at Hub International CFR. She and her husband, Al, have seven children, Lainey, Elsah, Ruby Kate, Hank, Ben and Will.

Mark Thomson

Mark joined the Rising Village board after many varied life experiences and travel. "Through these, God has shown me needs in the world that pull at His heart, and now those needs also pull at my heart." Mark is an IT specialist at Flinto, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He and his wife, Sabrina, have three children and two grandchildren.