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Support Afghan


Our community in Tulsa has been blessed with hundreds of new Afghan neighbors in the last few months. We are often asked how people can best support these families. Here's one way! We have 19 Afghan women who will be graduating from their first Rising Village sewing class in February. 

For the rest of the Spring, we plan to offer several opportunities for these women, their families, and other refugees to continue their journeys to becoming full participants in our community: 


  • Rising Village Conversation Café on Monday evenings (volunteers welcomed!)

  • English classes and transportation to classes in partnership with South Tulsa Baptist Church

  • An intensive week-long sewing class later in the Spring or early Summer

  • Preparations for a full slate of sewing classes in the Fall


Your gift in any amount towards will help provide for these Afghan women and other refugees who we will continue helping to become full participants in our community!

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