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Good Neighbor Teams

Welcome Team

A Good Neighbor Team (GNT) is a small group of volunteers (preferably 6-8) from a local church or organization that partners with Rising Village to welcome and walk alongside a newly arrived refugee family. GNTs will partner with Rising Village to assist with practical resettlement tasks aimed at empowering the family to move towards self-sufficiency, while simultaneously building meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

GNTs are a great opportunity for a Sunday School class, a small group, or an informal group of friends to serve together. We provide training, guidance, and oversight through the entire 6-month time commitment. 

The Welcome Team is the first to greet our newest neighbors! This team stocks the pantry with culturally appropriate groceries to last the first few days after arrival in Tulsa. They also welcome new arrivals at the airport, provide transportation from the airport to their new home, and provide a culturally appropriate hot meal. 

Move-In Team

The Move-in Team helps set up soon-to-arrive refugee and immigrant's new homes! They move in and set up furniture, ensure the home is stocked with necessities, and help create a comfortable home for our newest neighbors.


Furniture Team

Volunteer interpreters help our staff or other volunteers communicate with newly arrived refugee families and individuals as they receive support during critical times in their cultural adjustment. We need volunteer interpreters for these languages: Spanish, French, Arabic, Ukrainian, Russian, Burmese, Zomi, Swahili, Kikonga (Kituba) and more!

The Furniture Team assists Rising Village staff to pick up or receive donations and store them in Rising Village's storage space. They also assist the Move-in Team in delivering necessary furniture to new homes. 

Transportation Team

The Transportation Team is an essential part of helping newly arrived refugees and immigrants adjust to life in Tulsa. Help our new neighbors with transportation to doctor's appointments, job ineterviews, ESL classes and other essential appointments.

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Volunteer Interest Form

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