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Share the love this Valentine's Day

We are offering charms of three Adinkra symbols on our recycled glass bead bracelets. In February, we're highlighting the symbol, Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan, which represents the "power of love."

Adinkra symbols are unique to Ghana and originated centuries ago, although their name comes from the King Adinkra, a ruler of the powerful Akan people in the early 19th century. These symbols were designed by the Akan people to carry wisdom from person to person, generation to generation and each symbol represents a concept, philosophy or proverb. They serve as a non-verbal reminder of life lessons that remain relevant and enduring. Adinkra translates to farewell or goodbye, so often these symbols were used in fabric worn by royalty or religious leaders to funerals. The symbols also adorned jewelry, furniture and architecture. Even now, you can see these unique symbols used in these ways throughout the Ashanti region of Ghana and beyond. Because women carry the ancestral lineage of an Akan family, fertility and femininity are celebrated and revered. The matrilineal inspiration can be seen in the strong, graceful and feminine lines that shape each of the symbols.

You can find our Adinkra glass bead bracelets on our online store. Your purchase of a bracelet gives women the opportunity to earn income, and students the opportunity to attend school. Share the love this Valentine's Day here, and there!


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