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Shae, Ciin, and the Capsule Wardrobe

In February, Shae Haining launched her line of capsule wardrobe clothing, and RiSE seamstress, Ciin, is stitching pieces weekly as the orders come in. Ciin is earning income and learning the process of home production. She doesn't have to pay for childcare, and she can work a flexible schedule as she finishes the pieces that Shae picks up each week. The steady income gives her family some financial security, and gives Ciin the knowledge that she is capable of contributing to a project that extends out and into the community.

The Capsule Wardrobe by Shae focuses on handcrafted original garments - one new design released each month. Each piece is compatible with the other pieces, slowly developing a capsule collection of clothing throughout the year. Only one new design is available each month and each design is only produced in the month of its release. Why only one month? The slow fashion movement help us appreciate and love the clothing we have. Releasing only one design each month allows the process to stay sustainable for the producers, like Ciin, and the resources involved in producing the limited edition pieces.

Another fun element to the concept is the inspiration for each piece. The capsule wardrobe comes with a playlist. Each piece was inspired by a song and receives its name from the song that inspired it's design. Listening to the song allows the wearer to imagine walking through the design process and creation of the piece. The first release, The Brooklyn Baby sweatshirt was inspired by the song of the same name by frumhere.

The next release will be a chic, mid calf length dress with 3/4 sleeves and pockets. It has a higher business appropriate neckline in the front and a deeper subtle cut in the back.

"I'm beyond excited to be trying out this new micro-manufacturing concept and can't wait to share more," Shae says. "I want to start slowly, intentionally releasing this collection. We're just really grateful that this craft allows us to make a living with our hands. I can't wait to keep the momentum going with design releases each month."

Ciin is learning what it means to be a valuable part of a team as she helps Shae finish each piece. She has also been introduced to the concept of sustainable labor and locally designed pieces, realizing the importance of an employer who respects her family needs and cares about her creativity.

For more information about Shae's capsule wardrobe and how you can purchase a monthly piece, click here.

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