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You have something to contribute!


If you like to sew, teach sewing or aid women in learning small business skills, you've got a place in our RiSE program in Tulsa. We have sewing classes, product development and micro-business training for refugee and immigrant women. Help us empower these women as they assimilate and rise within our community! 


If you want to connect with our work, but have little time to volunteer, you can give a monthly recurring gift that helps keep our work going.


As the women in this program learn skills, we want them to be able to practice those skills on their own, and use them to generate income. In order to make those things happen, they'll need their own machines. We offer a sewing machine earning program. For each class the students attend, the cost of the sewing machine goes down by $7.50. When they've attended 10 classes, they'll be able to purchase their own machine for $25. Provide a machine.

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