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RiSE Sewing Program

The RiSE sewing and tailoring enterprise provides refugee and immigrant women with sewing skills, social integration, communication skills, and business skills training. Each woman who graduates from the beginner classes earns a personal sewing machine to take home. More advanced classes are also available.


Conversation Café

Conversation Café is open on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm at South Tulsa Baptist Church and provides a space for simple, friendly English conversation. The café provides tea, coffee, water and snacks and conversation takes place in a variety of fun and participatory ways.


Refugee Resettlement
and Core Services

Through World Relief, the U.S. State Department and Office of Refugee Resettlement, and the State of Oklahoma, Rising Village helps resettle refugees from all over the world into Oklahoma through a legal, robust vetting process.


Resettlement includes receiving and welcoming refugees and helping to provide core services (public benefits, school enrollment, ESL, social security cards/ID, employment, medical care, mental health care, transportation, cultural orientation, etc.) and material needs (housing, utilities, furnishings, food, clothing, pocket money, etc.) for the first 90 days in Oklahoma. (NOTE: Rising Village is still awaiting final approval for this program as of July 2023)

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