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Apprenticeships are responsible for 80-90% of all skills training in Ghana. Women who have not completed high school are especially at risk for living in poverty and passing the cycle on to their children. Many rural women cannot afford the entry fee and supplies needed to begin an apprenticeship. Grants allow women to begin a three-year apprenticeship, where they will learn the skills needed to be a seamstress or hairstylist. 

We provide quarterly training for women in our Income Generation program to equip them in the areas of bookkeeping, business ethics, personal hygiene, and family planning.

An Apprenticeship Grant provides a woman an entry fee and needed supplies to begin her apprenticeship. Working and providing for their children brings dignity and hope to under-resourced women. When you invest in these women and their children, families are strengthened and villages rise. 





Provides a seamstress apprentice a sewing kit

Provides a seamstress apprentice a sewing machine

Provides a seamstress or hairstylist apprentice entry fee

Provides full seamstress or hairstylist apprenticeship grant

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