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Join the Birthday Bedding Campaign

Today is Isaac's birthday, and we're celebrating all week with a birthday bedding campaign! Isaac, our Ghana director, has identified more families in the village of Dumakyi who are in desperate need of bedding. He continues to meet families who are sleeping on the floor, or on bedframes with no mattress and only fabrics and clothes under them. They have no way to connect bed nets, and the bed nets they are attempting to use are damaged and useless to prevent malaria. It's a big problem, and we need your help.

This week, our goal is to raise $500 so we can provide bedding for families in Dumakyi. We'll have stories throughout the week on bedding we have provided so far, and stories of the needs that are in front of us. We also want you to see the work that Isaac is doing in these villages to help families rise. He gives not only his time and energy, but his heart to make life a little better for at-risk mothers and their children. Will you join us this week in honoring Isaac and help meet the need?

All donations received on our donation page this week will go to provide bedding. You can donate here.

Check back on our blog this week to read, see, and hear more stories. We'll update you on the progress of the campaign and we'll celebrate together.

Happy Birthday Isaac!

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