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You Give, They Rise

What if you decided to give up something up so that vulnerable families in a low-income country could rise?

Mamuna Moro is a mother of three children who lives in the village of Nantan. She carries the responsibility for the income of her family. Her husband, Ali, was in a motorcar accident two years ago and his foot had to be amputated. After the accident, the couple had to give up farming and Mamuna now supports the family by selling porridge. She buys all the ingredients for her porridge on credit, and prays that she will sell enough to pay down her credit and have money left to feed her own family.

We're issuing a challenge to those who want a meaningful way to join the work we're doing in three villages in Ghana. Choose something to give up each month in honor of a family like Mamuna's. What if you gave up a meal each month to remind you that there are families who struggle to provide food for their children? Or give up one shopping trip a month as a reminder that some families cannot provide decent clothing for their children? You decide what to give up, and then choose a partnership amount as a direct monthly, recurring gift that will make life better for a family. Commit to give a recurring donation to Rising Village on our partnership page here. Each month, we'll send you news and updates about how your gift is making a difference for families like Mamuna's.

Your gift to Rising Village allows us to provide women like Mamuna a better life for her family through our income generation program, bedding for malaria prevention, and school fees for her children's contined education. Partnerships help keep families together, and give donors in the U.S. a way to connect in a meaningful that help families rise.

Click here to start your partnership. And drop us a note to tell us what you are giving up to honor families like Mamuna's:

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