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BE a Business Encourager

This summer, we are introducing an opportunity for small business owners here in the U.S. to connect with new small business owners in the villages where we work.

Ama began her Puff bread business in the village of Ankaase in early May. In addition to receiving the grant money to start her business, she attended a training workshop to help her learn bookkeeping, business ethics, and money management. Now she has expanded her business to include another pastry, so she is on her way! For each of our small business owners, we are seeking established small business owners here in the U.S. for connection and encouragement. Ama's Business Encourager is Laken Gooch, who owns a similar business in the U.S., a food truck called Lick Your Lips Mini Donuts ( Laken sells her gourmet donuts around the Tulsa area in a vintage trailer painted turquoise, white, and pink. She creates the unique donut flavors and makes them to order in the kitchen of the trailer. We have been so inspired by her entreprenerial and creative spirit that we just knew she was the perfect connection for Ama. These two women are helping to support their families by doing what they love. It's not always easy, they both admit, but the satisfaction of starting a business outweighs the challenges they face. The two women will exchange letters and photos with one another, and we hope that someday they will meet face-to-face. In the meantime, we are grateful for the inspiration both of these women give us.

It is true that women hold up half the sky (maybe more?), and we're honored to be part of the connection between these two women. If you own a small business and are interested in becoming a Business Encourager for a small business owner in Ghana, contact

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