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An Evening of Connections

Last Thursday, approximately 175 women gathered in Tulsa to make connections with women in Ghana. "The Village" was an opportunity to meet five women in our Income Generation program through video, photos, and stories. We were able to give the women here a glimpse into the lives of women there who are working to provide for their families after receiving grants to start or expand a small business, or enter an apprenticeship. Each table was filled with photos of one of those women, as well as prayer cards for her, and a postcard for writing her a note of encouragement.

DSC_5208 (2).JPG

After the women were able to "meet" Jennifer, Ama, Joyce, Abigail, and Helena, they were able to shop for items made by the seamstress apprentices, art, and jewelry made with African trade beads.

DSC_5296 (2).JPG

They were also able to take a photo with a personal chalkboard note to one of the women. We'll compile these photos and include them with the postcards in an album that each of the women in Ghana will receive.

DSC_5323 (2).jpeg

So, what was the purpose of this event? We believe that we can best understand the joys, sorrows, challenges and victories of others when we are drawn into their story. After hearing and seeing, we can then enter that story by giving words of encouragment, prayers of support, and tangible ways to improve the lives of other women. This happened on Thursday night and we are grateful for the open heart of every woman who attended. We look for the connections that were made at The Village to deepen and expand as the stories continue to be shared.

If you are interested in making a connection with a woman in our program, email

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