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Thank You Vivian!


We’re always pleased when people in Ghana catch the vision for our mission of family preservation. Last month, Vivian, who owns a shop in Kumasi, learned about the student sponsorship program and the food provisions we give to families who have these orphaned children in their care. Vivian has a heart for the many orphans who live in Ghana, and for quite a while she has wanted to find a way to make a difference for some of them. She talked with our Ghana director, Isaac, about the needs, and then Vivian and her mother promptly donated items - clothes soap for the children to wash their school uniforms in, and bath soap.


She was thrilled to make a difference for these children and it is encouraging for us to know that our message and work have inspired a local businesswoman to get involved in our mission.

So thank you, Vivian, for helping our sponsored students rise!


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