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Wish List Complete!

Popsicle sticks, finger paint, composition books, lanterns, zippers, elastic. These are just a (very) few of the items on our Amazon wish list. We needed these items for seamstress and apprentices, student mentoring gatherings, and providing our families light when electricity is non-existent or shut off. Our supporters came through by providing every item that we had listed. We're in the process of packing up these much-needed items as we prepare to depart on June 3. Thank you to each donor that purchased from this list. You have already blessed us by your support and giving spirit, and when we deliver these items, you will bless the families we work with. If you would still like to help support our vision trip June 3-13, we always have needs that arise while we are there and we always want to be prepared to meet those needs. You can donate here. Thank you again to the Amazon shoppers and all those who continue support us in our mission to transform villages through family preservation.

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