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Let's Do This Together

Dignity. This word echoes in our purpose and mission: to transform villages through family preservation.

We believe that God has created each person, loves each person, and desires a relationship with each person. Because of this, He is saddened when his beloved creation lives in brokenness. He desires that each person live the life that He has created for them, and when people are trapped in poverty, imprisoned in injustice, and blocked from resources, God's heart is to release them from this bondage. Jesus declared this as His mission statement in Luke 4:16-21. It seems a good one to follow as we work in places where people find it difficult to rise up with dignity and live a free and fulfilled life.

Creating strong, loving families where children are cared for and mothers are able to provide for them gives everyone dignity and mirrors the family that God invites us into - one filled with hope, joy, and promise.

We are inviting you to join us in our mission. We've just returned from the Ashanti region of Ghana where many people live in poverty and under a government system that makes plenty of promises but seems distant from those who are desperately under-resourced. Our team of six witnessed not only the needs, but saw up-close what we believe are possible solutions: job training and income provision for at-risk mothers, and education and role-modeling for orphaned children. Rising Village has put into place programs that are designed to facilitate these solutions, and along the way, we give people the simple message: God loves you deeply and showed that love through Jesus, who is FOR you.

We believe that bringing more people into our mission makes these solutions not only stronger, but allows us to cast a wider net so that more people in Ghana have an opportunity to rise up with dignity and embrace God's grace-filled love for them.

Now that you know, what can you do? We have a few suggestions to offer:

  • First, look at our website to see the faces of the people we work with and better understand our mission and purpose. You're reading this blog, so you are already here!

  • Consider partnering with us for an amount that will recur each month. Our partners are the backbone of our organization because they ensure that our mission is financially stable. We cannot provide resources without receiving resources.

  • Invite us to come and present our mission, stories, photos, and videos with your church, organization or group. We'll bring along items our seamstresses have stitched, giving your group the opportunity to provide income to these working mothers.

  • Sponsor a student who is orphaned and living in kinship care to provide primary, secondary, or high school education.

  • Help enter a woman into an apprenticeship by providing a sewing machine, hairstyling supplies, or grant money.

  • Join our Funds for Fabric team and help an apprentice stitch more items for income.

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