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Meet Benjamin

Rising Village has two groups of people we serve in the communities where we work in Ghana: orphaned children and single mothers. These are the most vulnerable of the village population. The students we work with do not live in orphanages, but with relatives who have taken them in after the death of or abandondment by a parent. Child trafficking is a serious problem in Ghana, and many of these children are at risk of ending up in the hands of these traffickers. We provide school fees and supplemental food to help caregivers see the children as a blessing instead of a burden.

We met Benjamin last summer, and immediately found a sponsor for him so he could enroll in school. He lives in the small village of Mpobi and attends the village Primary school where he is in second grade. His favorite subject in school is Religious and Moral Education. Benjamin is doing well in school and is a fast learner. He loves reading and says that music makes him happy. He is bright, kind and always available should a friend need a hug.

He and his brother, Caleb, live with their grandmother who cares for them now that their parents have both passed away.

We are grateful for Benjamin's sponsors who provide funds for his school fees and supplemental food, as well as encouragement through letters and photos. Most importantly, his sponsors are providing Benjamin with hope for a bright future!


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