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Student of the Month: Emmanuel

Rising Village has two groups of people we serve in the communities where we work in Ghana: orphaned children and single mothers. These are the most vulnerable of the village population. The students we work with do not live in orphanages, but with relatives who have taken them in after the death of or abandonment by a parent. Child trafficking is a serious problem in Ghana, and many of these children are at risk of ending up in the hands of these traffickers. We provide school fees and supplemental food to help caregivers see the children as a blessing instead of a burden.

Meet Emmanuel! He has just completed eighth grade at the Mpobi Secondary School. Emmanuel is very kind and helpful and is a wonderful role model for the younger students in our Education program. He loves to draw and read and spend time with his friends. Due to his family circumstances, Emmanuel was out of school for an extended period of time which is not uncommon. He entered into the Rising Village student sponsorship program almost two years ago. In that time he has made great strides to get caught up and prepare for the high school entrance exam. In seventh grade, Emmanuel was elected by his class as the prefect, which is the equivalent to class president. He was required to give a speech for his campaign and in the process found he has a gift for public speaking. We are so proud of Emmanuel and his resilience and growth. We are also encouraged by his leadership in school and with the other students in the sponsorship program. Please keep Emmanuel in your thoughts and prayers as his sits for his entrance exam in June

We are so very grateful for his sponsors who provide funds for Emmanuel’s school fees and supplemental food, as well as encouragement through letters and photos. Most importantly, his sponsors are providing Emmanuel with the opportunity to get a complete education!

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