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We'll Bring the Party to You!

Why host a Rising Village House Party? Here are three good reasons:

One: We'll provide the invites for you to send out via email, amazing products that we'll deliver and set up, and the stories of the women who created the products.

Two: You are providing your friends and family an experience with a purpose. This isn't random shopping of products manufactured on an assembly line. Our products are made by the hands of women across the globe. Each one is unique and reflects the craftsmanship and culture of a particular country.

Three: The funds from products sold at House Parties go toward specific projects in Ghana that help give sustainable income and education to women and children.

(And also, you get a free gift for hosting!)

If you are interested in hosting an RV House Party (and live within 100 miles of Tulsa), we'll come to you! We'll work with you to determine the amount of inventory to bring based on space in your home. All we need from you is an open door and a willingness to let us share our story to your friends and family. Our products are from all over the globe, and they really do make a difference in the lives of the the people who create them. For instance, the beautiful Bolga baskets we sell come from the hands of Nmaa, a young single mother, and Teni, a single grandmother who is helping to raise her grandchildren. They weave to provide for their families, and every basket sold provides income they need for school fees, clothing, and food.

If you're interested in learning more about house parties, or are ready to go ahead and book yours, click here, or email Let's House Party together!

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