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Wax on Fabric: A Beautiful Enterprise

Using wooden blocks and hot wax, Janet and Comfort will learn how to transform ordinary white cotton fabric into colorful, cloth that includes Adinkra symbols and traditional designs. The two women entered our Income Generation program in the Northern Region because they wanted to learn the skill and start their own businesses of selling batik in the local market and beyond. They began the intensive, five-day training on Monday. After they have learned the basics, they will practice their skill with access to their trainer to ensure they are ready to start their business and sell their products.

Batik is a labor intensive process, but the end result is worth it. The process starts with hot wax being stamped or painted on cotton fabric. The fabric is then dyed with several layers of color, then the hot wax is removed revealing the different colored patterns and designs. The wax causes a "crackled" look the in fabric, which is how you know when the fabric has gone through the batiking process. Batik is everywhere in Ghana, and the vibrant colors and traditional symbols ensure that it is in high demand. Janet and Comfort will have a skill that gives the opportunity to earn a living wage while creating a beautiful product, over and over.

After their trainer feels they have mastered the craft, they will receive a loan to start their business, and they will begin their journey in the world of the batik fabric printing and selling. We're excited to follow their progress, see the fabrics, and eventually offer them for purchase here in the U.S.

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