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Income Generation

Most female heads of households earn less than one dollar a day.​


Women are excluded from decision-making, access to technology, formal education, and credit. Even though they carry the primary load to provide for their families, they are given few tools to achieve this. We partner with people and organizations who can help us grant capital or fund microloans to single heads of households who want to start or expand a small business or enter an apprenticeship. We ask an individual to provide us a simple business plan, which we evaluate along with several qualifying factors. Applicants who are awarded a Business Build Grant or a microloan are mentored throughout the duration of the business start-up or expansion. All participants in the Income Generation program attend quarterly workshops that include classes in business budgeting, bookkeeping, ethics, and literacy tutoring. 



Donations to our IG program are used to provide grants, microloans, training and supplies for participants.

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