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Kids to Raise Funds this Summer

The village of Dumakyi goes dark when the sun sets. There is no electricity in this small farming community in the Ashanti region of Ghana, and flashlight batteries are hard to come by. It’s hard to imagine the depth of night time darkness in a place where no light exists. The children in this village have no way to read, study, or prepare for school the next day after the sun sets, about 6 p.m., so we decided to find a group of people who might be willing to help the children of Dumakyi village. We found them.

We also have more families in need of bedding. Children in this same village, and in four surrounding villages are sleeping on the floor with no protection from bed nets, so we have even more families who need full bedding sets. Again, we found a group of people willing to help the children in these villages.


This summer, Rising Village and the families we serve in Ghana will be the mission focus for five Vacation Bible Schools scattered across the city of Tulsa, Okla. The children in these Bible schools will raise money throughout the week for solar-powerred lanterns for the children of Dumakyi, and beds and nets for families in five villages. With the funds raised, we hope to supply 72 solar-powered lanterns and full bedding sets for eight families.

If you are in the Tulsa area and looking for a summer Vacation Bible School for your student, we highly recommend these VBS weeks. Your child can help us change stories for families in Ghana!

Liberty Church ( - June 9-13

Evergreen Baptist Church ( : June 9-13

Fellowship Lutheran Church ( 16-20

First Baptist Church ( June 23-27

Abiding Harvest Methodist Church ( August 8-10

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