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Help Us Provide Food for Students

Taking care of orphaned children is an important part of our mission. But what about the families that take care of the orphaned children?

These kinship foster families are often already overburdened, and taking in another child can add to the burden. Since caring for an orphaned child means more food on the table is needed, we want to support these families by providing them with supplemental food. For just $100, you can provide a family with rice, Milo, and milk powder for an entire year. We want to ensure that orphaned children and the families who are caring for them get adequate nutrition. If a child doesn’t receive proper nutrition, it can cause them to become more susceptible to illness and miss long periods of school. We want these children in our program to have the opportunity of a bright future without worrying about their next meal. Visit our GiveGood Catalog and purchase one year of food provisions for an orphaned student.


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