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Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, December 2 is Giving Tuesday. In the midst of all the shopping, holiday preparations and social engagements, why are we asking you to stop and consider giving a donation to Rising Village tomorrow? Because these donations change stories, and we have seen it for ourselves.

During our team’s last visit to Ghana, we walked the same road that Abigail walks every morning when she goes to work as a seamstress apprentice.


It takes her an hour to make this walk, but because of her commitment and the hard work of our staff, who helped her settle into her apprenticeship, she is now earning income through the sale of her stitched items.


Rising Village staff in Ghana continues to encourage her and they arrange for her to sew the wax fabric products that we courier to the U.S. for selling. Our staff has delivered bedding to Abigail that was funded by donors in the U.S. and they also make the long trek to her mud and thatch dwelling in Dumakyi to check in on her and her infant daughter, Florence.


And four times a year they arrange a training workshop that Abigail attends to help her learn more about building a business. This is hard work, and those of us who raise funds here in the U.S. are constantly trying to find ways to communicate how important your donations are. They fund business training, apprenticeship grants, fabric for seamstress apprentices, and help us pay our staff in Ghana. These six people - Isaac, Victor, Solomon, Eunice, Charles and Martha - work hard to fulfill our mission and share God’s love in the five villages where we work. They pray and move their feet.


So we’re asking you to do the same - pray and move your feet. It’s always easier to talk about giving than to do it, so we want to make it easy for you. You can be certain that every penny of your donation goes to our mission. And because we are a 501(c)(3) your gifts are tax-deductible.

Tomorrow (or today), consider a year-end gift to Rising Village as a way to participate in Giving Tuesday. Our staff in Ghana is grateful for donors who allow them to keep the work going so we can help people like Abigail rise.

Mail your donation:

Rising Village Foundation

P.O. Box 35925

Tulsa, OK 74153

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