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The Work of their Hands

Jennifer, Abigail, Lydia and Georgina are learning to stitch on hand-crank sewing machines and on certain days, there is no electricity so the shop can be dark and hot without the movement of a fan. But every photo we see of these ladies shows big smiles. Each day they are learning a little more how to sew quality items. Along with learning to stitch the Ankaase bag, tote bag, market bag, and aprons, they are stitching little girl clothing without the help of their seamstress. Rising Village provides the fabric for these items and markets them here in the U.S. so they can earn income, which their apprenticeship does not provide. When you purchases one of their items, this provides them with funds to pay school fees, purchase food, clothing, and healthcare for themselves and their children. Thank you to Tonya Richardson (AliMae Photography) who captured images of some very special little girls modeling the apprentices' handiwork. If you would like to see the items, email

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