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We Are Here!

So, we are here in Ankaase! Here's the proof: I could only upload one photo. Wifi is always a challenge. This is part of our team: Mark, Kelsey and Jennifer setting foot in Kumasi after a short flight from Accra. Every moment that we are here, I appreciate each person on this team just a little bit more. I knew they were amazing people, but their patience, sense of humor, grace, and adaptability are shining through.

As soon as we landed the team met Victor, and he and Jennifer had a good conversation about the students and the challenges they face. The two of them will be working closely together to come up with some mentoring goals for those students. And now we have settled into the misson house, and were blessed by a wonderful dinner cooked by Esther. I have missed her! The last time she cooked for us was two years ago this June, so it was a sweet reunion and a delicious dinner: jollof rice, chicken, salad, and fresh pineapple. Elvis welcomed us to the house, as usual, and has already made us feel at home. It is good to be back.

Tomorrow we will attend the Ankaase Methodist Church to worship, and then finally reunite with our families and meet the new familes at our Jubilee Dinner after church. We are all sharing Wifi, so I'm hurrying to finish this post so that everyone can communicate with family back home. We are all feeling well and excited about what the week holds.

Again, thank you for your prayers. We are humbled that God has allowed us to be here, and love and serve the families of Rising Village. Goodnight from Ankaase!

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