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Jennifer: Earning and Investing

In January of 2014, Jennifer Agyemong entered our Income Generation program as a seamstress apprentice. She immediately began making creations of her own, including children's clothing. A courier brought some of her dresses back from Ghana in September, 2014 and we began selling them to provide her with income. Every three or four months, we have enough to send her income from the sales, and she is now receiving part of the labor cost we pay to our seamstress in Ghana who helps train these apprentices. She has a savings program for 25% of her income to stay in an account as seed money for starting her own business when she graduates from her apprenticeship.

In the past six months, Jennifer has begun investing part of her income in a side business of selling jewelry and hair accessories. She is now earning to pay school fees for her daughter, Betty, and she has registered for the government health care insurance. Jennifer was unable to continue in school after junior high because her mother lacked the money to send her. Now, she is able to help her mother with her market business with part of her income as well. Jennifer is using her talent of sewing, and the knowledge she has gained about personal finances through our Business Build Workshops to change the story for her family.

We believe the cycle of poverty can end in one generation and Jennifer is an example of how this can happen. With a small amount of capital that was provided to her through an Apprenticeship Grant, she is on her way to providing a bright future for Betty, and for herself. If you would like to help an apprentice begin her journey toward sustainable income, click here.

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