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Wheels for Work!

Abigail has been making the walk to work for over a year with her daughter, Florence, strapped to her back. It takes an hour to walk from Dumakyi to Ankaase, and she does this twice a day - coming and going. Thanks to donors, she now has a bicycle that will make her commute much shorter, giving her more time to spend with Florence and rest before the next day of work. Her job as an apprentice does not pay income, so we not only look for ways to help her earn income, but we also pay attention to those needs we can meet that make her job a little easier. It isn't easy as a single mother, and it's made more difficult when there is very little income coming in to help provide for the children. The apprentices we work with are committed to their job trainig so they will have the skills to start a business when they complete apprenticeships. They want to provide for the needs (and some wants!) of their children. So we are committed to sharing some of our resources with them to make the journey a little easier.

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