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Our February Student of the Month: Patrick

Meet Patrick! He is in the fifth grade at the SDA School in Ankaase where his favorite subjects are Math and English. Martha, our Education Program Coordinator in Ankaase, described Patrick as "respectful and punctual at school. He is also serious about his studies." Patrick shared with us that he loves reading and playing football (soccer). He also says that reading his Bible makes him happy, which we were not surprised to hear, since Patrick would like to be a pastor when he grows up.

Patrick is the youngest of six children. His siblings are much older than Patrick, but were unable to care for him when their parents passed away so he went to live with his grandparents. They cannot afford ongoing school fees, school supplies, or the annual new uniform that a growing boy needs.

We are grateful to sponsors who provide funds for Patrick's school fees and supplemental food, as well as encouragement through letters and photos. Most importantly, his sponsors are providing him what he needs to obtain a complete education so he can become a leader in his community.

Rising Village has two groups of people we work with in communities in Ghana: orphaned children and single mothers. These two groups are often the most vulnerable of the village population. The students we work with do not live in orphanages, but with relatives who have taken them in after the death of or abandonment by a parent. Child trafficking is a serious problem in Ghana, and many of these children are at risk of ending up in the hands of these traffickers. We provide school fees and supplemental food to help caregivers see the children as a blessing instead of a burden.

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