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Training Day for Business Grant Recipients

Yesterday four women who received Business Build Grants last December had their first training session in budgeting, bookkeeping, good business practices, hygiene and family planning. It was a full day of learning about how to earn, save, and give. A health worker from the local hospital was also on hand to give them advice about how to stay in good health so they can work and provide for their families.

For the first year of their new business, Rising Village walks beside each of our grant recipients to give them quarterly training sessions, spiritual support, and encouragement along the way. Starting a new business is stressful, and unexpected challenges arise on a frequent basis. Our relationship with them doesn't end when we award the grants. We believe that to succeed, you need a team, so we provide that for the first full year.

Our grant recepients are (from front row left in the photo) Ama, Yaa, Jennifer, and Mary. Two recipients, Jennifer and Mary, are apprenticing, so we have two years to prepare them for opening their own seamstress and hairsyling shops. Yaa has begun her fish-selling business, and Ama will open her Puff bread business in early April.

We will have another group of grant-seekers in late Spring. If you would like to contribute to the Business Build Grant fund, visit our Grant Hope page.

Congratulations Ladies!

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