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Meet Joyce

Our Income Generation program welcomed Joyce last week, as she began her apprenticeship at the Shalom Hair Salon. She will be apprenticing for two years before she begins her own hair salon business.

Joyce is 22 years old and lives in the village of Ejuratia. She had to drop out of school when she was in JHS 2 after being in and out because of lack of funds for fees. She had her son four years ago and is unable to finish her education, so she has decided she wants to learn a trade and start her own business. Joyce wants to be self-employed so she can provide a brighter future for her son. She has been selling vegetables in Kumasi to be able to feed and provide for herself and her son, but she has been barely getting by.

Joyce is currently living with her mother and two other siblings. Because of lack of education, her mother does not have a steady job to provide for everyone under her roof. Joyce sleeps on the floor with her son. This summer, a church in Tulsa, Okla., will provide funds for a new bed, mattress and bed net for her.

We're thrilled to welcome Joyce to Rising Village's IG program. We'll be walking beside her during the next two years by providing her with small business training, school fees for her son, and encouragement as she works hard to reach her goals.

To learn more about our IG program, and help a future small business owner reach her goals, visit our Grant Hope page.

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