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Women Encouragers (WE)

WE Women is a new program offering women here the opportunity to connect with women entreprenuers in Ghana for the purpose of relationship, encouragement, and support. As a woman in our Income Generation program starts her new career, we invite women in the U.S. to write letters and send photos to a woman who is entering an apprenticeship or starting a new business. Often, these are single mothers who are overcoming challenging obstacles as they are the sole provider for their children - and sometimes the children of relatives.

A letter of encouragement helps these women know they are not alone, and that there is someone cheering them on as they do the hard work of caring for the needs of their family. Watch the video to see how two women in the U.S. have made a connection with women in Ghana. If you would like to be matched with a woman in Ghana in our Women Encouraging (WE) Women program, email

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