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Rise and Go

It's time. In the midst of the planning packing, getting to the airport, checking in and worrying that the luggage might not make it to Accra, I'm reminding myself - and all who are traveling - why we are doing this. We go to Ghana to learn even more about what it means to love, give, and serve. Often, we see God more clearly, and find out more about ourselves when we serve in places where we are tempted to worry about our own comfort. I always come back realizing even more that God uses weak people like me - and you, to make the world a better place. We don't have to be perfect, just available.

So we're making ourselves available to whatever God wants us to do during the seven and a half days we are in Ghana. Yes, we have an schedule, but we want to be open to things that might not be on the typed pages of that schedule.

Pray that above everything else, we will love more than we think ourselves capable of loving. That we will give without fear and serve with joy (and energy). Thank you for your support as we board the plane, fly across the ocean, and walk the streets of the villages where we work in Ghana.

We'll be back online when we land in the capital city of Accra and we'll post stories and photos right here. So bookmark it so you can travel along with us. And away we go!

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