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Hands and Hearts Together

Miss Diana Boadi

Miss Diana Boadi

Diana. Vivian. Ante. In our blog posts, when we list names of women, they are usually women in our programs - either apprentices or entrepreneurs. But these three women in Ghana give funds and supplies to help support the work we're doing. For the past two years, our staff in Ghana has been working with intentionality to spread the word about Rising Village and source funds from within the country. We believe it is important to link arms not only with people in the U.S., but also those who are on the ground in Ghana. Donors there are able to see the work up close and understand the difference it is making on a daily basis in the lives of people in their communities.

As we seek to build a network of partners here in the U.S. who believe in and support the work we're doing on behalf of vulnerable women and children in rural Ghana, we also know that it is vital that we find partners in Ghana. We're so grateful for the hearts of these three women. Without faithful friends walking along with us - both in the U.S. and in Ghana - we simply can't continue the work.

Hearts and hands, joining together to communicate the value and worth of each person who we are privileged to work with. What a beautiful way to use our resources and energy.

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