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Moving Into the Northern Region

You can’t talk about Africa without talking about culture. The northern region of Ghana has its own, very unique culture. We visited two villages near Tamale, the largest city in this region: Zagyuri-Kamina and Tampe-Kokou. They are very remote, though close to Tamale township. The speak Dagomba, and have unique houses, called Duplas, which means a round house. The houses are indeed round and have one door for entrance. The houses are roofed with straw and woven tightly to prevent leakage.

On our arrival at the village, we spoke with the chief before beginning our visits. After a very interesting visit where we were required to remove our shoes and kneel before talking with the chief, we began our work. We learned that previously people in the north did not see the need for educating their children, especially the girls. Most children dropped out of school early and didn’t continue to the next level. The main reason, which remains, is financial. Most women here do not have options to choose from when it comes to what they do to earn money, so therefore most have no source of income. They earn very little from the petty trading they do, which is the income their entire family depends on. In other regions, the girls often drop out of school before high school, but here most of them never attend school.

Poverty is very high here, so people tend to patronize less of what people here produce. But the women are eager to work and are willing to learn a trade, but they have no funds to enter apprenticeships or begin a small business.

We look forward to beginning in Income Generation program here on a small scale. We met women who are eager to help their families and their villages rise.

If you would like to get involved with out expansion to the northern region of Ghana by funding an apprenticeship grant, visit the Grant Hope page on our website.

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