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Goodbye to Mpobi, Hello to High School!

On Monday, November 17, Dorcas began a new chapter of her life. Thanks to sponsors and donors, she left her village of Mpobi for a boarding high school. High school is a distant dream for many young women like Dorcas. When she was in elementary school, she went to live with relatives after the death of her parents, and there was never a discussion of her going to Senior high school. For a village family who is struggling to care for their children, the cost of high school is out of reach. It was assumed she would drop out after junior high school. Dorcas entered the Rising Village education program in June, 2014 after being in and out of school, only attending when her grandmother could scrape enough funds together to pay quarterly fees. Victor, who is part of the Rising Village staff and also her teacher, recognized something special in Dorcas and was determined that she have the opportunity to further her education. Now, a year later, Isaac, our Ghana director, made all the preparations for her entrance and took her to the campus. Each Senior high school student must report to campus with a mattress, a trunk, books and supplies, a wash bucket, and wearing their uniform.

These photos tell a beautiful story about how the generosity of people who believe in one student can make a world of difference in her life. We are cheering Dorcas on, lifting up prayers for her, and excited to see what the future holds for this Senior high school student.

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