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Meet our Summer Intern: Maddy Tyner

This is our second summer to be blessed with Maddy's sweet smile, her willingness to do whatever task comes her way, and her enthusiasm for the mission of Rising Village. She just completed her freshman year at Oklahoma State University where she is majoring in Human Development and Family Science. We asked her share why she decided to intern (again) with Rising Village, what she hopes to give and receive from this internship.

"In high school, God placed in me a passion for missions and I felt He was calling me to make this love a part of my career. Last summer, I hoped to be an intern for a nonprofit organization to see the business side of helping others. God quickly answered my prayers and I was led to the Rising Village website. From there, God continued to work swiftly between my high school graduation, assemblies, and college preparation. I not only saw God working within my transition from high schooler to college student, but within this organization - and this is what drew me in. After meeting Lisa, I listened to her vision and immediately knew where I needed to be interning that summer. She has an effective passion for empowering women and giving hopeful futures to children, which is visible through videos and pictures she has of these mothers learning how to sew, children receiving mail from their sponsors, and students succeeding in school.

I hope to improve how I communicate and work with individuals who think differently than I do, so one day I may be able to work with people of different cultures more effectively. I also hope to use this time as a chance to learn what it means to live out God's calling on my life at a business-level; when we think of sharing God's love with everyone, I believe we think specifically of moving overseas to be a missionary. However, He does not put that boundary on us. He needs men and women to be at work in the business world, and I hope to gain perspective and experience in how He does this.

Rising Village has taught me what it means to be steadfast. The Lord shows us dry and bountiful seasons of life, and this organization has still held onto a vision, but more importantly, continued to trust in God the Lord, through these periods. I hope to one day work for a company that plans mission trips and takes students overseas. Traveling and learning to interact with people in other cultures can be challenging, but because this company has taught me what it means to be hopeful when challenges arise, I know I will be prepared. Rising Village is a testament of Hebrews 10:23: “let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.”

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