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Student of the Month: Little Sampson

We're celebrating Sampson this month. We call him Little Sampson because we have two boys named Sampson - and because he is the youngest in our program. He just completed second grade. We met him in the fall of 2014, and he was shy at first, but by the afternoon had warmed up enough that he graced us with a dance. Sampson lives with his elderly grandmother who is not in good health. We are grateful to sponsors who are making sure that he is able to attend school. Without that support, he wouldn't be there. He is a smart and creative young man - scoring first in class in Creative Arts. Sampson loves football and reading. Joyful is the perfect word for Sampson. He makes us laugh, and he loves it when other people make him laugh. We are eager to see what amazing things Sampson is going to do as he continues to grow and learn.

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