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We Want You. We Need You.

Have you signed up to volunteer with an organization and then regretted it because it caused you to feel overburdened? Did you volunteer because you were guilted into it or because you felt like it was the "right thing to do", even though you knew your life was already too busy? Most of us can raise our hands on this one.

And yet, organizations can't function without people who give their time, talents, energy and passion as a gift. Non profits, civic groups, churches, campaigns, movements - they all need a group of volunteers they can count on, but also need people who feel valued and part of the mission. If there isn't something more to it than just performing tasks, chores, and occasional random jobs, volunteers will quickly burn out and go elsewhere.

We want something more for people who give themselves to the mission of Rising Village. We want you to enter into a community of people who are becoming passionate about serving the vulnerable, speaking up for them, and using their uniqueness to give back with courageous generosity.

This sounds like a big vision for a group of volunteers, but we believe that in a world of busyness, crowded calendars, and activities that tug us in multiple directions, volunteer opportunities should be enriching, not exhausting.

We're inviting you to join our serving team. We're gathering a group of passionate supporters who want to go deeper into our mission of helping people rise from poverty to self-sufficiency. We want to learn together about the issues surrounding vulnerable people in Ghana and in the U.S., and then move our feet and hands to serve, give and speak up for them.

If you don't live in the Tulsa area, we still want you! Our team is comprised of people across the U.S. and in Ghana who care deeply about how we find creative solutions to walk alongside vulnerable people trapped in the margins. If you want to join the serving team, there are several ways:

Join our Facebook Group here.

Send an email here and we'll add you to our email list. Each month, we'll provide you with the information, opportunities, gatherings and resources for the team.

We want you, and we need you!

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