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North Trip Travel Journal: Wax, Stamp, Dye, Earn

Bunkrugu is a small community village in the north, and although we thought it would be a relaxing trip as we drove there through the countryside, it was a little rougher than we expected. My plan was to take a nap in the car because I had little sleep the night before, but the bumpy rough road did not allow a nap. It was four-hour journey from Tamale, but we were able to pass some of the time talking and discussing more about Rising Village and our impact on the women and families in the north. Richard is a friend whom I told about my trip to the north and he also read stories on social media about the families we serve, so he decided to join me on the trip to learn more.

On arrival at Bunkurugu, the batik trainees welcomed us. They were excited that we would be watching some of their training and witness what they have been practicing. These women want to do something different and have an impact in their family and their community, so they have decided to undergo a one-week training to learn a trade, start a business and earn income to take care of their families. Income they earn from the sale of the batik print fabrics will be used to pay for their children's school fees and give them good healthcare. This will help alleviate them from poverty.

Hannah, who is the trainer, took us through the process of making batik print, and it was fascinating! When they heard about the the training, two other women in the community came to also learn the skill. They are learning the process from start to finish - all the way from stamping the fabric to drying the fabric.

Janet and Comfort will complete their training soon and be given an interest-free loan by Rising Village to start their small business of making and selling batik prints. We wished we could have spent more time with them in making the batik, but we had a four-hour return trip back to Tamale. On our way back, Richard expressed interest in being a volunteer with Rising Village here in Ghana. I am so happy he was able to take the trip with us and see the work firsthand.

We continue our trip tomorrow as we visit Bolgatanga!

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